Focusing and supporting the end user, giving him the optimal experience for his digital work environment…

Everience takes care of the end user and makes him powerful and happy. The critical success path of your new IT services deployment lies in end users’ ability to leverage all the new system value.  How can you focus on business process and client satisfaction without a powerful and easy-to-manage Information System? Everience sets your mind free by seamlessly delivering you high quality end user experience embedded in our proven ITIL framework.

Some of Everience’s services enhancing end user experience:

  • IT user device outsourcing: User Service Desk services Onsite, Remote, and Onsite PC services (IMACD)
  • Excellency and competency operations centres: Service Desk, Business Desk, NoC
  • IT Operation Analytics: performance measurement, analysis and continuous improvement advice
  • PC factory: PC logistics, mastering and repair services
  • Mobile Device Management

Information System Performance

Self Service

Asset Lifecycle Management

Mobile Digital User

IT and Digital Corner

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