Logistics & Enterprise IT Asset Management

We provide a full logistics service across Europe and are involved in every stage of your IT assets' life cycle.

Expertise logistique

IT asset management is critical to the business and represents a significant cost in time and money for organizations. In order to transform your procurement into a value chain, you must rely on flexible, responsive and personalized services.

Whether it's a run-of-the-mill supply of materials or international projects, we provide:

  • A customized and personalized preparation of your materials
  • A delivery in the shortest time, at the right place and at best cost
  • A saving of time and money
  • Better management of your computer park
  • Real-time visibility of your inventory

Our services to help you



Reception and storage of your equipment (PC, accessories, mobile terminals) in highly secured warehouses.


Customized configuration of workstations: mastering and software installation.


Shipping throughout Europe and guaranteed delivery on D+1 thanks to our partnerships with local carriers.
Gestion parc informatique


Allocation of users' equipment, control and update of the fleet, management of equipment renewal, reporting...
Garantie réparation


Application of the after-sales service for guaranteed equipment and relations with manufacturers. Repair of post-warranty equipment.


Participation or management of the end of life of equipment (broken, donations to associations...).

Our added value


Our expertise in logistics and IT asset lifecycle management is based on:

  • Several logistics centers in Europe
  • Integration of our services within our customers’ information systems
  • TAPA secured sites
  • A capacity to carry out projects of park renewals
  • A capacity to increase productivity for our customers in case of specific projects
  • Traceability of supplies and Power BI reporting

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