Mobility - working safely everywhere

Implement a mobility strategy that ensures IT asset management, corporate data security and business continuity.


Mobility is no longer an option for companies: efficiency, agility, work flexibility… The work environment must be mobile and allow employees to work and access resources regardless of the terminal, on one condition: the company’s assets need to be protected. 

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Benefits of a Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) solution 


Simplify and unify device configuration and management

With the rise of new ways of working, employees have never needed to be more mobile. For IT, this means an increase in the number of devices to manage. A UEM solution can reduce the workload of your IT administrators through: 

  • Centralized management of all devices (Windows, macOS, iOS, Android), 
  • Rapid and industrialised provisioning of operational and secure devices to your users, 
  • Remote administration of each device with the ability to cut off access and delete data in case of theft, loss, or compromise. 


Secure access, applications, and data

Securing access, data and applications is not limited to corporate devices. It must also consider the new behaviours of employees who use their personal equipment for professional purposes and vice versa. Finally, it must allow people outside the company (customers, partners, suppliers) to interact with certain parts of the IS to facilitate collaboration. 

A UEM solution thus enables you to: 

  • Integrate the practice of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), 
  • Manage identities (authentication, password updates), 
  • Automate software and OS security updates (patch management), 
  • Propose, force, and restrict the installation of applications, configure, and secure them, 
  • Generate rules and adapt them to a geographical area, an application, a user category, etc, 
  • Integrate additional security solutions (MTD, CASB, SIEM, SOC). 

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