Cross channel - creating a seamless user journey

Offer multiple communication channels aligned with the new needs and uses of your employees.

Cross canal

Your users’ behaviors are changing: mobility, teleworking, flexible hours…
They no longer want to use telephone and email to contact your service desk. Chat, web call back, video, web messaging: they are looking for choice to use the channel that best suits their situation. Everience’s cross-channel platform responds to these new expectations by ensuring unified management of all interactions.

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The benefits of a cross-channel Service desk 

A simplified user experience 

Our cross-channel contact center provides a single point of contact for all enquiries. Your users can interact with the Support via the channel of their choice when they need it and according to what they are doing. No history repetition when changing channels: the information follows for their journey to be seamless. They can open an incident from a portal, be informed of the follow-up by chat and close their incident by email with ease. 

Personalized digital journeys

In a cross-channel system, your users are immediately identified. The service desk knows their name, function and geographical location. At Everience, we adapt the support to your users and the criticality of their job within your company. For example, an accountant at the end of the month with a few days to go will always be considered a priority user. 

Saving time for everyone

With artificial intelligence, no more handling basic requests and drowning in mass incidents. We design intelligent bots to automate low value-added interactions.

Everyone wins: 

  • Support is more available and teams have time to process complex requests 
  • Users no longer waste time contacting support and have instant access to information 24/7 
  • The company gains in productivity. 

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