Smart office : solutions for 2.0 enterprise

We connect company spaces and services for increased competitiveness and a better user experience.

Expertise smart office

The development of hybrid work and the evolution of technologies are leading companies to rethink their spaces and their services to employees. Flex office, IoT, connected furniture, collaborative spaces… While productivity and cost optimisation remain major issues, the company’s image and attractiveness are also becoming priorities. 

At Everience, we design a set of innovative products and services dedicated to Enterprise 2.0 to:

  •  Make company services more accessible 
  •  Facilitate user experience and improve performance 
  •  Strengthen the attractiveness of the employer brand and the feeling of belonging 
  •  Contribute to the quality of life at work 
  •  Improve the image of the IT Department

Our added value 


Our expertise in Smart Office is based on: 

  • A dedicated innovation centre and an R&D team 
  • Passionate experts and consultants who proactively and humanely support your users 
  • End-to-end support: from the integration of digital solutions to their internal adoption 

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