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Our daily commitments are based on a balance between Humanity, Environment and Technology.

Engagements RSE Everience

At Everience, we are convinced that there can be no sustainable economic performance without considering social, environmental and technological issues. This is why we have chosen to put our CSR policy at the heart of our development strategy. Job creation, respect for the environment and the provision of new technologies for the benefit of individuals form the outlines of the company’s main mission: enable companies to create added value in a sustainable manner. 

Our 4 CSR pillars

Employeur responsable

Responsible Employer

Human Resources are one of Everience’s greatest assets. We place human beings at the heart of our priorities and our commitments by building social links based on trust, transparency and proximity. We promote inclusion and diversity within the company and guarantee good working conditions for all our employees. 

Environnement durable

Sustainable Environnement

Everience acts daily to reduce the carbon footprint of its activities. This is achieved through strategic choices such as the implementation of recycling, the use of datacenters using 100% renewable energy or the support of our employees towards a more responsible digital environment. We have defined a plan to reduce our emissions by 2025. 

Partenaire responsable

Responsible partner

Everience’s commitments are reflected in its relationships with its customers, but also with its suppliers, service providers and subcontractors, as well as in its purchasing approach. We wish to establish relationships with our different stakeholders based on trust and mutual respect, and share fair and equitable practices, while establishing sustainable and balanced relationships. 

Acteur citoyen

Citizen actor

Solidarity is a strong value that we all share at Everience. We encourage solidarity initiatives and support their implementation. Thus, beyond the economic development of the regions where they are located, each of our subsidiaries participates in local life through solidarity actions opened and carried by the employees, in order to be as close as possible to the field. 

Our certifications, charters and labels

Ecovadis Silver


Everience is ECOVADIS Silver certified for its Corporate Social Responsibility performance.
Iso 9001

ISO 9001

Everience is ISO 9001 certified for its approach to optimize the Functioning and Use of the Digital Environment in Companies.
Global compact

Global Compact

Everience is a signatory of the Global Compact and works daily to build an egalitarian and environmentally friendly world.
Iso 27001

ISO 27001

Everience is certified ISO 27001 on its Information Security Management System (ISMS).