Business support: increase productivity tenfold

We help your employees reach the full potential of their applications to increase your company's competitiveness.

Expertise support métier

All companies want to deliver the best customer experience and stay one step ahead of competition. The most successful companies are those that fully integrate business performance into their strategy. At Everience, we are also convinced that it is a determining factor of a company’s competitiveness in the long run. 

We offer solutions adapted to the specific needs of your employees for them to:

  • Improve their skills more quickly on their applications 
  • Benefit from a proactive and reactive assistance according to the criticality of their business 
  • Analyze data to transform it into relevant information 
  • Save time to focus on their business and customers 
  • Develop customized solutions, without depending on IT 

Our added-value 


Our expertise in Business Support is based on:

  • A control of complex application and functional environments 
  • An integration into your application lifecycle to guarantee permanent alignment between developments and employees’ expectations 
  • Change management to encourage application adoption 
  • A pole dedicated to knowledge management 
  • A team of consultants, developers and trainers experienced in the use of Microsoft Power Platform 

Let's boost the productivity of your employees!

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