Data analytics : exceed your productivity limits

We rely on Microsoft Power Platform tools to increase individual and collective productivity.

Expertise data analytics

Employees tend to use more frequently applications to work better and faster. However, the IT department does not always have the time or the skills to meet these demands. Our expertise in Microsoft Power Platform allows us to assist personnel in developing and interconnecting their applications. Therefore, they will be more efficient and you no longer have to worry about shadow IT. 

Our services to assist you

Exploiter les données

Transforming data into useful and consistent information

Your business deals daily with a large amount of data that they often find difficult it to analyze. Nonetheless, this data is full of valuable information that could be used to identify areas of improvement therefore increase the company’s performance. 

Our experts assist your users throughout the use of PowerBI to analyze and help them take the right decisions. 

Développement d'applications

Develop customized applications effortlessly

Marketing, HR, Finance, operational profiles… Each department needs its own applications to accomplish its mission. However, IT departments do not always have the time or personnel to meet these expectations rapidly. 

With Power Apps, your employees will be able to develop their own applications autonomously. No coding skills required and countless connections are feasible with your entire application ecosystem. 


Automate to step ahead

Your jobs perform time-consuming tasks every day that could easily be automated. 

With Power Automate, they are now able to create 100% digital, automated and secure processes. This time saving allows them to focus on higher value-added missions. 

Our fields of activity 


  • Training and coaching your users on how to use the tools of the Microsoft Power Platform (Power BI, Power Apps, Power Automate) 
  • Development of customized solutions for your different businesses 
  • Support and assistance 
  • Maintenance in operational conditions 

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