Improve the performance of your service desk

We support you in structuring, industrialising, and modernising your service desk for greater efficiency.

Enjeu performance service desk

Lack of governance, undefined processes, absence of a knowledge base, non-existent metrics… A non-optimised service desk can have serious consequences on costs, user satisfaction and IT department’s image. Benefit from the experience of an expert who can provide you with a methodology and feedback! 

Issues that drive you

Efficacité du support

Support effectiveness

Is your service desk clogged with basic requests? Are your IT teams not available to handle more complex requests? We can help you implement the best solutions to: 

  • Automate low added value requests 
  • develop user autonomy 
  • Maximise first contact resolution 
  • Simplify local interventions
Satisfaction utilisateur

User Satisfaction

Do your users not know how to reach your service desk? They don’t know the scope of your services? Do they feel that they are not listened to enough? It is possible to act on several axes: 

  • The diversity of communication channels (cross channel) 
  • Personalised user paths according to profiles 
  • Real-time monitoring of the employee experience
Image DSI

Image of the IT Department

The IT Department does not always have a good image with its internal clients. This is due to difficulties in communicating and promoting its services and a lack of proximity to its users. Do you want to improve your image? We can help you implement innovations and redefine your reception areas. 

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