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Improve visibility and access to your services and ensure they are aligned with your users' expectations.

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User satisfaction depends on several factors:  are your services easily accessible? Are they well known? Do they provide real, tangible benefits for the user? Are they well used? At Everience, we support you in selecting the solutions to be implemented to make the unanimity among your users.

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3 steps to optimise the services provided to your users 


1. Gather user needs

To miss the needs of your users is to take the risk of implementing solutions that will never be used. At Everience, we conduct surveys with them, taking care to: 

  • Clearly define your target (are you aiming at all employees or a specific population such as VIPs, nomads, a particular category of profession?) 
  • Diversify the methods of collecting information (surveys, interviews, questionnaires, workshops) 
  • Categorise the different types of needs (implicit, explicit, latent) 
  • Prioritise these same needs according to time and budget 


2. Choose the most relevant solutions

Once the needs of your users defined, we carry out benchmarks to recommend the most suitable solution for your context. Our extensive knowledge of the IT services market allows us to advise you on a wide range of solutions: 

  • Service catalogue 
  • Self-service / self-help tools 
  • ITSM solutions 
  • Knowledge base tools 
  • New communication channels (chat, web call back, video…) 
  • And many others 


3. Supporting adoption

You can offer the best solution, but that alone will not guarantee success. A new tool or a new service is always an upheaval in your users’ habits. If the change is not well supported, it will only take longer to get used to. Thanks to our change management methodology, we can help you communicate effectively with your users and accelerate the adoption of new solutions. 

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