Maylis Le Bell
  • Karriere

Fünf Fragen an Maylis Le Bel

Today we are introducing our first intern from France.

We are excited to welcome Maylis Le Bel to our team as a new trainee at our headquarter in Darmstadt.  Let’s start with a short round of introductions.

Today, Maylis Le Bel tells us what her job at everience Germany GmbH is and how she likes working at everience so far.


Five questions for Maylis Le Bel:

  1. Why did you choose to do your internship abroad at Everience?

I chose to do my internship overseas to improve my English, and Everience is an excellent choice because it’s also related to my studies (Office Management) Why did I chose Everience? In a way, it is related to the Digital World (Offering a better user experience) and that is a very interesting subject closely linked to my video games passion.


  1. What tasks have you been assigned at Everience?

At Everience,I started to work on improving AI utility by doing research and global presentation. I am also assigned to work as a Support for the UX event (Event management) and host a Special French Guest. I also support some communication actions.


  1. What are your expectations for this internship abroad and of Everience as a trainee?

As an intern, my goal was to improve my English-speaking abilities and so far, I have been able to do so by conversing with my colleagues every day!


  1. How were you received by your colleagues at everience?

Many of my colleagues are part-time, in professional travel, or working from home, so I don’t always see them at the moment. I am in an independent and autonomous atmosphere where I can grow by myself.


  1. What can Everience improve on?

For now, I don’t have any ideas and suggestions to improve the company as I am new to the company.


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